Cofinden assures and protects the copyright of its users and takes measures to protect them from different violations, and misuse. When users register on the platform according to our Terms and Conditions they are obliged to provide accurate information about themselves and as well as about their business.  In case of using the content of other nonusers or any other user or any individual, following the report and identification of such illegal use of others intellectual property Cofinden will take necessary measures to stop it and prevent future violations of copyright.

In case of such violation, more precisely, if any Cofinden user reports any a content that belongs to him and  was posted by another Cofinden member, or report from the third parties, in members, we will notify the respective  suspicious violater about the case and when is necessary we will provide the complaints identity and contact with our user.

On the other hand, Cofinden can conduct an examination of the violation of the intellectual property rights case and make the decision according to our terms and conditions. Such a decision could be a warning, suspension, termination of the account.

In case of , legal- judiciary matters and process Cofinden can provide those violations of intellectual property as a proof to the respective law, decision making office of the respective state if there is any such request is made after and if Cofinden finds those request following right, legal, lawful grounds and is within the framework of Cofinden Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.