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Why we use Cookies

Cookies help us to secure Cofinden, and also to improve our service and provide the information and service that you need by personalizing the content and introduce appropriate content and experience.

Cookies are used to verify your access to the website when you are logged in that helps us to provide you with the relevant service and features.

On the other hand, cookies help us to protect your data, personal information and keep the Cofinden products and services safe. By Cookies, we store information especially you log in and password in case you forget your password and ask for help to restore your password or in case your account was hacked the cookies will help to verify you.

Cookies also help us to take actions against illegal or harmful activities that damage our system, services and violates our policies such as phishing and spam threats. By the use of cookies, we can identify the computers and IP addresses where those threats are coming from and take necessary measures to protect our users and our system.




We use cookies also for good user experience by gathering the necessary information in order to recommend or show up the relative content, ads, products, and services that a user could be interested in.  In this way, we can show a user the content that could be interesting and help the advertiser to find the right customers. This recommendation of any product or service ads is based on your activity on the website, for example, if you previously had an activity related to the product, service, or a user – a company we will recommend the similar or the ads of that user to you. Cookies also allow us not to repeatedly show you the same ads or content.



Cookies also help us to identify main features that need to be improved according to the user activity. For example, we can see your main activity on the website and see which of our features and services use very often so we can develop them for better usage and also deal with other features and services that are rarely used.


Use of cookies

We can set our cookies on your devices that you use to access Cofinden and take the information that is stored cookies while you use our services, platform and maybe third-party companies that cooperate with us about your activity on those addresses in order to improve our services.