Terms and Conditions


The below stated general terms and conditions is a type of contract between Cofinden and a user who is registered on our website.




Cofinden is a platform that aims to build a network of businesses in order to assist them for the businesses processes, to find partners, to collaborate, to cooperate, extend their network horizon, grow and simplify their activity in these terms.

Primarily Cofinden tries to fill the main gap of business search process of relative, and trustful businesses, partners and enable them to start mutual, beneficial relations and introduce their services, products to other enterprises or find the respective products or services provided by different companies in different geographical locations, and start a cooperation, partnership and simply do business. For that reason, we do gather necessary information, data in order to introduce you the best user experience, recommendations, search options, relative ad content in terms of privacy policy and user agreement to cookies policy.



In order to use our services and products, all users need to register, open an account, in this case, a profile, and responsibly fill in their profiles with the right information.  The user profile is the identity of the user and as an owner of the profile, the user is fully responsible for the accuracy, completeness, and validity of the information about themselves. In certain cases, Cofinden may ask for verification of the information shared on the profile by the report of other users or in case Cofinden is suspicious about the user in order to prevent misuse or illegal, abusive activities that violate our terms and policies.

All the users registered on the Cofinden become a free member of the network and are able to use the limited features of the network until they activate the full membership. In this term, Cofinden applies to the main membership that is free and Premium membership that are different in accordance with the features and options that are limited for free memberships.

The users can terminate their premium membership anytime and provisions of the termination act will be followed whereby it is declared and read by the user when the user decides to become a premium member.



The user who is registered created a profile of the company, business is responsible and confirms, ensures that he or she is the person who entitled to register or create a profile on behalf of the respective company, business. In certain cases or upon to a request (s) Cofinden may ask proof of the eligibility of such activity by the user.

It is impossible for Cofinden to clarify in advance if the person is entitled to carry such activity on behalf of any company or he or she is the right person that is claimed by them. Cofinden does not take any responsibility of 100% of determination and detection of wrongdoing in the initial phase of registration and can take necessary measures of prevention in case of observing of violation of our rules and policies or upon a request, report.

While registering on the Cofinden platform the user should choose a password.

The user is obliged to keep the password in secret. Cofinden in no case will disclose the password to the third party and asks the users the use their login only in case of log-in process. As a general notice for users, we highly recommend you to change your passwords regularly for security reasons.  Cofinden is not a responsible part of keeping the login details in secret and secure and it is completely the responsibility of the user(s).

In case of losing or forgetting the access information, such as login and password, the user should follow the steps that are presented by Cofinden in respective page and option in order to restore its profile. In case of hacking or illegal third-party usage of the account, profile the real-actual user should report or contact us in order to prevent such misuse of the account.

In order to prevent such security breaches, we develop a number of security measures and can block or notify you if we detect a suspicious activity such as log-in try from a different device and use different authentication methods to make sure that you are the actual user, profile owner.


 Cofinden holds the right to modify the terms and condition provisions.

The changes can occur due to security reasons, legal obligation and etc. and users will be notified about those alterations.

Those new provisions, as well as old provisions of the Terms and Conditions, will be stated on the respective page will be available to users.

In case of disagreement to any provision or changes, the users are free to contact the Cofinden.




If you want to use any paid service of Cofinden service fee and taxes will be applied to your purchase. If you subscribe to premium membership with monthly payment method or for a longer period you have subjected the below-mentioned terms and in case of failure of the fee payment your paid services will be terminated according to an agreement.

  1. If you use a foreign currency exchange fee might be applied to your purchase.
  2. You can cancel your paid membership after the end of the subscribed period. You will receive a notification about the end of your subscription beforehand so you can prolong it or terminate it without paying furthermore.
  3. In case you want to cancel your paid membership take into account that there is no refund policy if you pay and get a premium membership. When you cancel your . for example, 6-month subscription after 3 months you will not get a refund for the rest of 3 months.
  4. If the user’s bank account or payment method is lack of funds and Cofinden cannot apply charges, the user’s paid services will be terminated and the user will receive a notification beforehand to take any necessary actions.

You will get a payment bill or invoice when you execute a payment method.