Privacy policy



By using our services hereby we acknowledge our responsibility for the protection of your privacy.

The aim of the Privacy Policy is to inform and clarify what information we collect, for what we collect and how we use those data, protect your privacy and inform you how you can manage your private data.

When you sign up for an account, utilize our services and products we collect data, content, other information such as when you generate content or share it, when you use communication tools to communicate with others.

We collect information about your activity on the platform such as, products, service search, and view or engage, and any other actions you take, features that you use. For example, when you use a special keyword or name to search something we gather that information in order to improve our services and make relative recommendations and show ups.

We may collect the information and data when someone connects to you or send a message, rate or use other features of our services and products.


What we collect


When you register on the website you create the name, password, phone number, payment details and etc. that you share with us.

By uploading relative content such as text, photo, video on your profile and also when sharing the similar items on the main board, and sending or sending them to other users we collect the data that you shared on our platform.

We may collect information about your devices and browsers that you use to access the website that we use to identify your language preference, and IP  for the security reasons.

We also collect information about your activity that makes easy for us to identify your interest and recommend the relative content to you. Those activities include:

- keywords, terms you use for search

- the videos you watch, and also posts that you click

- views and the clicks, activities with ads and also engagement with the post

- Communication with other users


The use of information


We use the collected information to assist our users and make their activities easier and effective. For example, when you use a keyword for search option we collect that and improve our services in order to present you the right thing that you are looking for. The idea behind the collection of user information is to develop our products and services and meet the expectations and need of our users. The processes information of the users enables us to understand the key issues that we should improve.

Furthermore, the collected information is used to present personalized information for you as we customize the services and ads according to your activity on the website. For example, if you search a company in “Moscow” city that offers “Web design” services you may see recommendations and also ads about the respective service providers-companies.

We do not share any personal information without your consent. We may review a request if there are a legal-judiciary issue and the order by the respective law enforcement body of the respective country that we should obey according to the international agreement.

 If there is an issue related to violation of certain laws and rules of the respective country or organization we may introduce the necessary personal information to the court at according to the legal order (at the same time by notifying you) after comprehensive examination of the order by our law experts in order to avoid and prevent the use of our platform for illegal business activities, and fraudulent or security matters.

We can share your personal information with respective legal, law enforcement governmental authority for legal, law processes upon the request if we detect that your activity violates our rules, harms our safety or property, and in case of violation the rights, property, the safety of other users.

 In no other cases, we do not share your personal information with third parties without your consent.


We may use your personal information such as contact means, email or phone number in order to contact you if we detect suspicious activity in your account. Those activities include an attempt to log in to your account from an unusual location or device and in that case, we may contact you and ask your confirmation.

We may also use your personal contact information in order to notify you about the changes to our services and products, privacy policy, terms and conditions, cookies policies.

When you contact us due to different matters we may keep a record of our communication in order to solve your problem and solve similar issues in the future.

In case of usage of your data that is not mentioned in this privacy policy, we will contact you to ask for your consent.


If Cofinden is subject to acquisition, sale or any other business activity that involves cooperation or partnership or complete sale to the third party we will keep your data, information confidential and notify you about the issue and inform you about the transfer of your personal information that will be the matter of a new privacy policy.

The current Privacy Policy can periodically be updated or altered but that doesn’t mean the limitation of your rights and we will notify you. The date of new changes will be published so you can identify them and also the old versions will be stored and would be open to your access.

If we detect a harmful activity by you in the form of malware or spam spread, illegal content, fraudulent, that violates our policy we may take necessary actions such as blocking your account, and other comparative actions and in certain circumstances, we can report the case to the respective government authorities.



Third parties


We may use some third party applications, software for better service and receive some information from you for improving our services and products, and collect some data about user behaviour. As mentioned before, we will never share or transfer those sensitive data if there is to third parties for any reason without your consent.